You like many of the new era have…

You like many of the new era have not passed the tests necessary to understand initiation of the elect and to be awake in the office of Christ’s mystical body united to Christ and planetary army love of God for salvation and liberation of humanity. You and your children all the others on the planet of the new era of religoones freemasons iluminatis sects and all sorts of groups and people read many books initiation without the help of a spiritual master, in almost all actialidad are false and worldly as you say if not already there is not aspiring to be elected as children of God they hope to children of the devil but do not know because they have been contrainciados ego with pride and vanity of a worldly life so that their minds to lower self-esteem and egos maximum ego as most believe God is God even more but they are entirely lost and deceived by Satan wrong GOG magog to you and all the mons we are only god in the image and likeness, but in limited human comapraion true god, so your ego is fooled by your mind and others as false gods endian lucifers which are false god idlatrados in all kinds of idolatrous cult ideology and ego vanity idolatrous god but I remember all those thrown their idols and idolatries idolatrous as happened during noe , moises melkisedek and Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ as in the other prophets, messengers of god true sons were betrayed by their people so that instead of humanity always oppose released last case is the saddest of Jesus Christ, never God’s plan was not to be crucified is said to not kill anyone then that is an invention and a cheap excuse, what happens to Jesus Christ was to liberate mankind in 3 minutes with your missions, but did their utmost to prevent as Now the religious sects of Masons iluminatis governments and kings of the world because they are ultimately the business creased to maintain the secrecy of hidden God and humanity enslaved to them as we see now in 2000 years even bring from bad to worse and humanity this is very well spent for his devil in the flesh for sin according to all the world like satan and stained pay they deserve, not because of god but of all those demons if they do these aberrations and 7 deadly sins as may well see history being repeated around the world and where to vote do not vote based on God or jesucrusto Lol but their kings and governments of God above God pulls all these towers of babel idols because just writing this worship God above all things and if you doubt god sister first need to be awakened and launched maximum degree and position of Christ and only then would still be God and the elect huamana qu tothe deve join others at the moment but initiation I speak of only the last 2000 years has a single avatar Jesus Christ, all now in deverian be Christ 2000 years alive, but are not demons or let you come to the other and above otrogan is not only the charge of Christ that even past or have not conquered the slightest evidence Sepone but also the title of god we all are god or some man is god ja ja ja menudoa hell are false gods and they give irrefutable proof is that if there is a god in the land above the God of Abraham Issac Jacob Jesus Christ who brings the sun and the west ha ha ha to the east, while leaving all of the new age religions iluminatis freemasons scientists around the world are all demons egoizados cocky at the maximum, only the true elected god avatar move connected with initiatory laspruebas love themselves and refuse to load conegiran his cross and security to join their Messiah and the Mystical Body of Christ loving army of planetary god avatar instructor via the synthesis of mensjaero god who has the good shepherd to pick up their upcoming Obejo sr astray by false teachers foods that lead to the slaughterhouse to the second physical death without first passing through the next etc parousia Jesus Christ Messiah Kalki Maitreya Gerión esics c +33 777 888 999 000 code alpha omega will manifesatcion published 09092009 24122009 0 10102001 for all of you that this happens depends not happen but if all are not worthy or lamayoria and if not so well as takes place since 1997 where avatar isntructor reached by cristo initiation and now has Christ and the planetary cosmic Christ, is now in mietras the internet with your email and barcelona catalunya Spain hoping to connect the canddatos to be elected and follow their instructions to awaken and ungirles Messiah as Jesus Christ in your area now also be barcelona and Internet if you can ban by crossing with barcelona unwittingly as you walk

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