per avatarinstructor nirmanakaya Maitreya YoSoy avatarinstructor nospam hotmail…

per avatarinstructor nirmanakaya Maitreya YoSoy
avatarinstructor (nospam) Nov 21 2005 05:22:20
If you have chosen to create the avatar instructor nirvanakaya bhudhisatva narjol that I express are based on publicly claiming they will not publicly call him and prepare his way and wrong, he never appears to invoke it by satellite TV and all World desewe its manifestation as Jesus Christ Maitreya chosen I am who I am and I are one, everyone must do their mission in this life and not the avatar instructor or deve pudede Rompres law of free will if you want the humanity help humanity, forget the egos group or personal ideologies and religions to renew all the good loving compassionate God as eternal love and all the free world is not the profligate will not come if the majority do not want you invoke with words and deeds and publicly demonstrate in streets and squares as they did in barcelona see the new consciousness during the forum that should make the whole planet, if you do you will see on tv and satellites have made public statements but not the reality which serves all the forces of nature will ensure that you wake up seeing that the 3 part of humanity dies in the apocalypse of the Lord, and I am now when I shall see that faith is the sign of lapses that I am already trained and prepared here anointed the Messiah since 1997 who gives more. deep deep deep peace and I are one and was ordered sealed. after the antichrist and antecristo I come to save the world and its final liveracion the new golden age for the introduction of the golden age until the end of the earth and the sun so that you develop into the stars and the cosmos peace love brotherhood equality and solidarity, so when I fell ill I was after was to ridicule and death of atheists and demons and save the beloved devotees. Kalki Avatar jesus cristo

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