Jesus is not God and said no outside…

Jesus is not God, and said no outside tegaisidolos god or jesus or Teresa of Calcutta nadani god nobody pulled all their heroes and idols idolatries i love you a lot throughout the world over will make a lot of damage god because god throw ba His idols, ask yourself what is good for if it is not honored by the glory of God is of satan tododel anticirsito of worldly evil that no one be fooled by the devil and more and those who love the world according to satan their minds than religious sects rituals they are negañando science and away from God that makes the sun rise each morning, all those who love the creadro not his real father of the universe I am who I am and above are given are gods and egos enciam by god they are bringing up satan speaking wing death salganse fashionable religion of any sect Loia science or new age or bad thing worldly idolatry where God is not honored and glorified by Soglo the centuries that love is not that punishment bayan to rrecibir in the hands of satan by departing from God, not God who punishes s but better than humans, and helping the poor that humans created in God’s name, debeen make that satan is not necessary so poor when they have caring God really does not want the poor are not bulls that were against the layer and do not see the matador and his government responsible voters and those wicked worldly idols politiocs should heal the sick or are they possessed all created catastrophic wars and climate change disease virus displaced millions of poor and ill are not more stupid, and all servants of satan gobirnos ong with its sports system sbancos boxes often shortcut demons all God did not leave stone unturned in their Satanic counterfeit of love, because they did not change the roles in place presidents of both governments and so ong lospobres put into place and you in yours ha ha ha very clever rich and poor of ill will if they believe more can be very deceiving God has it all wrong and the world pays its second sowing collects. These Msg avatar of hatred punishment are seen as evil so it looks more demons and santana is the truth that hurts and Pharisees hypocrites if they make sense of God and love God above all things worldly, but also by the perverted and degenerate fashion Satan sin against God is so normal it’s normal you have their drums and tribulations of preparing com bayanse increases if their evil proporcionals problems and catastrophic consequences of their sins as infinite abestia l lso hell human humanity and selfish greedy materialistic atheists rebel heinous god concerned with economic union or worldly-minded business enterprises NewAge pride vanity ego forms the body of Satan and his rebellion and opposition to the instructor avatar synthesis planetaraia Gerión esics c333 777 888 999 000 as the antichrist go after reading a letter of Paul to the Romans enetrita apocalypse

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