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each leading group, region of country nacion scientific policy spiritual comuniccion music etc. deven of unified in larger groups and unite with all other ideas all the movements they have no humanity faster time do not expect a day after they are not stupid now or never tie you humans to decide their destiny among all the powerful avatarinstructor can not interfere with their free alvedrio if you decide to be selfish move around others that you will die semyueran by stupid and evil as just punishment enmanos satan of the antichrist and the demons of their servers money lust debauchery fanaticism sectarianism and terrorism engendros generated by you with their bad ideas and thoughts sentimienos of hatred and revenge rengor vanity and evil lame because the teachings of Jesus Christ last avatar instructor planetarium that 2000 years ago and they notice and make it clear elmensaje, now abandoned and Lohan have formed sctas false religions and all sorts of false Catholic from the false Islamic, that is why now called god Mr alos true devotees to be lifted and anden prepare their roads and god knows them all som Miri human beings who are afraid of dying and are subject to all customs estupidas rituals Teror religions sects and ideologies governantes tribal chiefs or Satanic work at 100% therefore lack the revolution of revolutions, the justice of the peace and love solidarity and brotherhood ever made in the earth on a global scale that is why everything bad ba encambio money if they think the demons in the global village but soon will have their selfish what consequences will lose all their benefits will be Bort by God and the forces of nature, the beast satan the antichrist demons and their followers will be destroyed completely inert by nature and all sorts of miracles and divine natural disasters ever imagined by wealthy men they sobrevendría death at the hands of Durga so impeccable, volcanoes and terremontos atomic explosions intraterrestres created by interactions between the forces of nature are clean desvocada gaia bad fleas unimaginable way, if you are not Aydan unite and cooperate and collaborate with anticirsto satan and deception of the world want to maintain their status but which leaves god for something so lost everything happen for them so stupid intellectuals look greedy children of the world are asking them to them because of so much wickedness and starving sonustedes old greed that covet them sobreviene elpoder why the death of ill and so we are warned. Mr ask yourself your will on earth as in heaven. Amen

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